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Born in Cork | Grew up in the coastal village of Whitegate | Educated at University College Cork | Degree in Philosophy & English

William Wall was the 2017 winner of the Drue Heinz Prize for Literature (USA).

He has also won the Premio Lerici-Pea 'AngloLiguria' prize (Italy), the Doolin Prize for poetry (Ireland),  Virginia Faulkner Award (USA), The Sean O’Faoláin Prize (Ireland), several Writer’s Week prizes (Ireland) and The Patrick Kavanagh Award (Ireland).

He was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize (UK), The Poetry Now Awards (UK) and The Manchester Fiction Prize (UK). He was shortlisted for the MarEtica Prize (Italy), the Young Minds Book Award (UK), the Irish Book Awards, the Raymond Carver Award (USA), the Hennessy Award (Ireland) and numerous others. He has received Irish Arts Council Bursaries, travel grants from Culture Ireland and translations of his books have been funded by Ireland Literature Exchange. He has received public commissions.

He is not a member of Aosdána – if you’re wondering why, please read Riding Against The Lizard.pdf. His work has been translated into many languages, including Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbian and Catalan. He was 2019 Writer In Residence at the Joyce Summer School in Trieste. He has a particular interest in Italy and has read at several festivals there including the Tratti Festival at Faenza, the Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova and at the Pordenone Legge festival near Venice. He translates from Italian. He has co-presented workshops in translation. In 2014 he was part of the Italo-Irish Literature Exchange  which gave readings at various places in Italy, including Sant Agata de Goti, Rome, Lugo di Romagna and Bologna.  He was Writer in Residence at the Joyce School Trieste in 2019. He was an Irish delegate to the European Writers’ Parliament in Istanbul 2010. For March 2010 he was Writer in Residence at The Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco. He was a 2009 Fellow of The Liguria Centre for the Arts & Humanities. He collaborated with artist Harry Moore to produce the Shadowlands exhibition and book in 2008. He was the first Poet Laureate Of Cork (2021-'22)

He holds a PhD in creative writing from the School of English, University College Cork.



Suzy Suzy                               (Head of Zeus, London, New Island, Dublin, 2019)

Grace's Day                         (Head of Zeus, London, New Island, Dublin, 2018)

This Is The Country               (Hodder/Sceptre, London, 2005)

The Map of Tenderness      (Hodder/Sceptre, London, 2002)

Minding Children                (Hodder/Sceptre, London, 2001)

Alice Falling                         (Hodder/Sceptre, London/WW Norton, New York, 2000)

Poetry Collections

The Yellow House                             (Salmon Poetry, Clare, 2017)

Ghost Estate                                     (Salmon Poetry, Clare, 2011)

Fahrenheit Says Nothing To Me     (Dedalus, Dublin, 2004)

Mathematics & Other Poems        (The Collins Press, Cork, 1997)

Short Stories

The Islands                                       (Pittsburgh University Press, 2017)

Hearing Voices/Seeing Things      (Doire Press, Galway, 2016)

No Paradiso                                    (Brandon Book, Dingle, Kerry, 2006)

Essays and Reviews

In general, my essays and reviews are posted to the Ice Moon Blog no matter where they have been published. Many of these essays are distributed widely on the internet, including in translation, since they appear under a Creative Commons licence. I have begun to list some of those places on the articles concerned. They are too numerous to mention here.

Select list of Publications available in Anthologies, Journals, Magazines, Websites...

Interview on the Italian edition of Grace's Day (Il Turno Di Grace) (Italian language)

A review of a book on Ezra Pound.

A story set during the pandemicyear of 2020

A Christmas short story at The Irish Times

A selection of flash fiction at the translation journal Intralinea.

'Confessions of a Cannabis Eater' at Winter Pages 3.

'We Are All Barbarians Now' in Spanish at Tierra Adentro.

'Water and its (Dis)Contents' in Studi Irandesi: a journal of Irish studies No. 5 (Florence, 2015) [Essay]

'Leaving the Island'  Extract from unfinished novel in Lost Between (New Island, 2015) Anthology [Novel extract] and also in Tra Una Vita E L'Altra (Italian language) (Guanda, 2016)

'In The Egyptian Collection'  In English and Italian at Miilan. [Story]

‘The Trap‘    In English and Italian at Miilan. [Story]

‘The Coup Begins’ & ‘The Eyeball Bomber’ in Italian at Satisfiction  [Story]

‘Paper and Ashes‘    Town and Country: New Irish Short Stories (Faber & Faber, 2013, London) [Story]

‘Two Q pieces‘            The Penny Dreadful (Ireland) [Flash Fiction]

‘Telling‘                         Bridges: A Global Anthology of Short Stories,(M.A. Lee, ed., Temonos, Arkansas) [Story]

‘I follow a Character...‘      Silver Threads of Hope, (Dublin) anthology for charity Console [Story]

‘from Grace’s Day‘  Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska) [Novel extract] (won the Virginia Faulkner Award)

‘A Mistake‘                Flash Fiction (University of Chester)

‘I Bought A Heart‘                    The Stinging Fly (Dublin) and Ninth Letter (Illinois) [Story]

'Job at Heathrow'                    The Forward Book of Poetry 2010 (Poem sequence) [Story]

'Job at Heathrow'                    The SHOp, 2009 (Poem sequence)

'Riding the Lizard: Towards a poetics of Anger' Three Monkeys Online 2009 (Essay)

'The Human Soul Experiments' The Rome Review (Fiction)

''Dear Barack Obama'           Three Monkeys Online (Essay)

'Mathematics: Insects'            Strange Attractors Anthology, A.K. Peters, MA, USA 2008 (Poem)

'Perfection Comes Too Late'    The Stinging Fly Anthology, 2008  (Fiction)

'The Coming of Fire to Ireland' Other Voices Online (Poems)

'Three Encounters'                    The Prague Revue Spring 2008  (Fiction)

‘As The Man Said’                    The Dublin Review, Winter 2007 (Fiction)

‘For fun times phone Dodger’    The Dublin Review, Spring 2007 (Fiction)

‘Surrender’                                (Faber Book Of Best Irish Short Stories, London, 2005 (Fiction)

                                                   Carve Magazine,  www,, USA, 2002)

‘What Slim Boy O Pyrrha’        (Southword, Cork, 2003, (Fiction)

                                                   Ninth Letter, Illinois, 2006)

‘The Bestiary’                            (Phoenix Irish Short Stories, London, 2002) (Fiction)

‘In The Egyptian Collection’   (RTÉ Radio, Dublin 2002) (Fiction)

‘The Saurians’                           (RTÉ Radio, Dublin 2001)      (Fiction)

‘In Xanadu’                               (Phoenix Irish Short Stories, London, 1998) (Fiction)

‘State’s Evidence’                    (The Sunday Tribune, Dublin) (Fiction)

‘First Love’                                  (New Irish Writing, The Sunday Tribune, Dublin) (Fiction)

‘Traitors’                                      (New Irish Writing, The Irish Press, Dublin) (Fiction)

‘Signals’                                      (New Irish Writing, The Irish Press, Dublin) (Fiction)

Many poems                             The SHOp, Skeagh, Schull (See Links page) (Fiction)